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luxury lace

2511 Luxury Lace
2511 Luxury Lace
2511 Luxury Lace

Luxury Lace - £260.00

4 x Luxury Lace and Tiered Fabric Teepees

4 x Luxury Foam Mattresses

4 x Mattress Protectors

4 x Cosy Cushioning Duvets

4 x Cotton Sheets and Bedding

4 x Comfy Pillows

4 x Breakfast Tables

4 x Night Lamps

4 x Drinking Bottles


4 x Personalised Name Tags

​​4 x Double Luxury Flower Garlands

Personalised Invitations

Handcrafted Bunting to suit the individual theme

Styling Decorative Cushions

Teepee Wrapping includes a variety of Lights, Leaves

and Ribbons to suit this chosen theme

* Additional Teepees available for 39 each *



Free delivery within 10 miles of CM21 Postcode.

Delivery outside of this area will incur an additional charge.  We cover all areas of Essex, London, and Hertfordshire as well as other areas too.

Please get in contact with your delivery quote.

Luxury Lace Theme

Luxury Lace Theme

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